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Because Anyone Can Cook!

Welcome to my humble space on the WWW!


If you've watched Ratatouille before, you'll know there's a famous line uttered by Chef Gusteau in the movie that goes, "Anyone can cook!" Not to mention also Julie and Julia, another great movie centered on the love for cooking between two women.

I'm no ninja when it comes to being nifty around the kitchen but more of a sometimes-you-see-me, sometimes-you-don't cook, especially when life gets a bit busier than normal.

I started dabbling with cooking during my student days abroad as a means of countering my homesickness for local food and over the years, I've discovered my love for this activity (though washing up afterwards is always a bugbear!).

This blog mainly documents my adventures and experiments in the kitchen and serves a dual purpose of helping me to organize my favourite recipes from cookbooks, online sites and random scraps of paper. 

I would love to hear from you if you also share an interest in cooking so feel free to drop me a note!

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